We will experience  some of the most prestigious alpine passes with our own muscle power  

Probably the best and only way to cycle the European Alps 

cycling the alps 

Who am I? 

My name is Aldo Vinzens and after teaching PE and English (for beginners) for over 30 years I'm retired and open for all kinds of pastime.  


I have organised and cycled several tours in the Colorado Rockies  but after two main back surgeries my riding is limited to 2 hours at the most. 


Normally I help my wife in her vineyard, but sometimes I'm looking forward to something totally different. 


This tour is going to be somthing really different. 


I will organise the whole event from the meeting in Chur until the last night after finishing the tour. I will also be driving one of the support vehicles and I will always be in your vicinity. The second van will be driven by a friend of mine. 


mail: avinzens@hispeed.ch 

Any questions or suggestions?  Do you need more information? (*=mandatory)